Onyx is a non-binary binary artist from Medway in the UK.

Onyx Rist

Age: 30

Gender: Non-binary 

Political Party: Liberal Democrats 

Sexuality: Demisexual 


Elections Onyx has stood in:

* denotes that Onyx has stood in the election under their dead name

Gillingham North - May 2023*

Peninsula By-election - December 2022*

Issues Onyx is Campaigning On:

Medway Council to recognise all genders

Onyx is submitting a petition to Medway Council on behalf of Medway Liberal Democrats to recognise all genders. See Onyx' blog here! 

Protecting the environment & The Strand in Gillingham.

Onyx watered the trees at The Strand and is creating a Friends of The Strand Group. Onyx recently met with local councillors to discuss this.

Scrap the Medway Standard Rate

Currently, Ubers in Medway cannot get a license due to the lack of competition the Medway Licence allows. Onyx is campaigning to scrap the things that mean Ubers cannot be Ubers. Onyx believes that competition drives our economy and saves people money so to scrap the Medway Standard Rate for taxi hire vehicles would be beneficial for both Ubers and taxi drivers as well as consumers.