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Hey everyone, I just wanted to thank the people whovoted for me and believed in me. Congratulations

to the Labour Councillors, who I'm sure will do their best but if not, the Lib Dems will be holding them to account through public questions at council meetings, petitions and making sure those pot holes get fixed! (Maybe we'll have Libby out lol). I also want to make sure that all future developments in Gillingham are eco-friendly.

I will hopefully be standing in Gillingham again - with a plan.

We will now see if we really do have change or we have more of the same with Labour.

We did increase our vote share from the last election in Gillingham and I'm honored that those who voted had faith in me.

The Lib Dems do not just work when we're elected. We work all year round. Elected or not elected.

We will get Lib Dems elected back onto Medway Council and we're not gonna lose momentum in the mean time.

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